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ADP Resource® enables business owners to integrate mission-critical human resources functions into a single source delivery model. Companies have one primary point of contact and one invoice for a broad selection of services. In addition to the core service bundle, companies can choose from a menu of optional services such as 401(k), Workers? Compensation coverage, and Flexible Spending Accounts.

The ADP Resource solutions enable companies to?

  • Boost productivity and shrink administrative burdens with leading edge online tools for managing HR, payroll, recruiting, benefits paperwork and more.
  • Gain continuous access to experts from across the HR spectrum: risk management, safety, compliance, employee relations, benefits administration, technology, and much more.
  • Attract, build and retain a world-class workforce with comprehensive recruiting solutions and ongoing professional development.

Why ADP Resource:

Business growth doesn?t happen in a vacuum. It happens only when the business owner is able to focus intently on strategic initiatives and revenue-producing activities, without having to worry about HR administrative chores. That?s where ADP Resource delivers. Our services enable the business owner to stay in control while streamlining routine HR tasks.

ADP Resource has a very unique and rarely offered centralized, toll-free Employee Service Center, where employees can get answers and help with payroll and other employment questions. We also offer comprehensive web-based recruiting services and have highly experienced HR staff.

For a risk-free consultation about how ADP can help your business, contact us or phone your ADP Representative today! ADP - The Business Behind Business